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ITRN 2017 Proceedings

Session 1a: Transport Planning

Are psycho-social factors important in shaping non-work travel patterns in the Greater Dublin Region? S. Convery, B. Williams, A. Ahern – UCD

Transport disadvantage and car dependency in rural Ireland. P. Carroll, R. Benevenuto, B. Caulfield – TCD

Translating research to practice: implementing real control on high frequency transit routes. S. Berrebi, O, Crudden, K. Watkins- Georgia Institute of Technology

Session 1b: Public Transport Technology

Recommendations for a Comprehensive Whole Life Cycle Economic and Environmental Impact Technology Assessment Tool for Alternative Driveline Bus Fleet. A. Harris, D. Soban, B. Smyth - QUB

Development of a Bespoke Hybrid Bus Model Which Utilises Vehicle CAN Information, Suitable for Model-Based Design of a HEV Control System. D. Smith, B. Nguyen - QUB

Examining alternative fuel options and potential emission reductions from changes in public transport bus fleet in Ireland. S. Dey, B. Caulfield, B. Ghosh – TCD

Session 2 a: Survey Methods

The Role of Eye-Tracking in Transport Surveys. W. Brazil, B. Caulfield - TCD

The role of integrated public transportation: A triple Delphi and case study approach to the perception of a Triple-C stakeholder approach to delivering societal value. L. Fassam, R. Hazenburg, S. Denny, P. Liravi - University of Northampton

Analysis of Traffic accidents in Dublin through GIS. J. Singh - DIT

Session: 2b Cycling

Cyclist Comfort Levels due to Vibration: Field Tests in Cork. M. Galvin, B. Lenihan, E. Popovici, R. Doorley, V. Pakrashi, B. Ghosh – UCC, UCD & TCD

An Analysis of the Factors Influencing Journey Time Variation in the Cork Public Bike System. C. McBain, B. Caulfield - TCD

Dear Diary: Reports from Uncontrolled Cycling Experiments in Cork. E. Byrne, S. Comerford, J, Groeger, R. Doorley, B. Ghosh, V. Pakrashi – CIT, UCC, University of Hull, TCD & UCD

Session 3a: Shared Transport

The economic case for public bike-share in Dublin. C. Bullock, F. Brereton, S. Bailey - UCD

Encouraging sustainable commuting behaviour through smart policy provision - a stated preference mode-choice experiment in the Greater Dublin Area. P. Carroll, B. Caulfield, A. Ahern – TCD & UCD

Car Sharing: another hipster fad or a game changer for the automotive industry. D. Allen, C. O'Sullivan, N. Kansal, A. Fikry, O. Onyejekwe – DIT

Session 3b: Ports & Airports

Air traffic distribution in major global regions - a review. A. Reynolds-Feighan - UCD

Is there an alternative to the current freight transport pollution in Ireland? A pivotal role for multimodal transport for the Irish transport network. R. Maitra, S. Jerrams, P. Davis – DIT & DCU

Classifying and evaluating capacity development requirements in seaports. E. O’Connor - IMDO

Session 4a: International Transport

Addressing poverty through transport development in the developing World. R. Benevenuto, B. Caulfield – TCD

Challenges within the Transportation Cycle of Pharmaceutical Supply Chains within the EU: benchmarking for post Brexit harmonisation. S. Fogarty, L. Zelca - DIT

Mobility on Demand - Recent Developments in Europe ad USA. B. Finn – ETTS Ltd

Session 4b: Vehicles & Safety

The best locations for charging infrastructure of electric vehicles in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. E. Costa, A. Paiva, J. Seixas, P. Baptista, C. Costa -  New University of Lisbon and UCC

Examining User Acceptance and the Efficiency of Fully Autonomous Vehicles. A. Rezaei, B. Caulfield - TCD

A Framework for Spatial Road Safety Assessment: Case Study of Northern Ireland. A. Farrell, S. Moutari - QUB

Session 5a: International Transport

Appraisal of policy approaches for effectively influencing private passenger vehicle energy consumption and associated emissions. E. Dennehy - UCC

Inspection of Cycleways using DataCycle: Preliminary Results. N. Leonard, S. O'Mahony, B. Ghosh, V. Pakrashi – UCC, TCD & UCD

Session 5b: Vehicles & Safety

The impact of planned traffic measures on Dublin City Centre: an international perspective. A. Zawadzki - Better Public Transport

An Evaluation of Risks associated with Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Logistic. D. Allen, F. McKenna – DIT & Endo Pharmaceuticals Ltd

An Examination of the Influence of Locational and Individual Characteristics on Travel to Work Time. J. Eakins, J. Doran – UCC