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ITRN 2016 Proceedings

Parallel Session A: Active Travel & Health

Promoting Cycling and Health in a Disadvantaged Area of North East Dublin City, Dr. Matthias Borscheid, Northside Partnership PAPER

A mixed-method analysis of the Galway Bike Share Scheme: Results of a user survey and stakeholder interviews, Richard Manton, NUI Galway PAPER

Using Physical Activity Challenges to Increase Sustainable Commuting, Sinead Flavin / Siobhan Hamilton, National Transport Authority PAPER

Using Workplace/ Campus Travel Plan Programmes to Change Transport Behaviour, Arlene Finn / Sharon Daly, National Transport Authority PAPER

Parallel Session B:Traffic Modelling

Optimal Merge Layout Arrangements for the M50: A Microsimulation Modelling Approach, Liam O'Brien, AECOM PAPER

Modelling Parking Choices in Irish Cities, David Siddle, Technical Director, Jacobs and Barry Colleary, Head of Transport Modelling, NTA PAPER

Understanding the vulnerability of traffic networks by means of structured expert judgment elicitation, Maria Nogal, Trinity College Dublin PAPER

Parallel Session C: Smarter Travel

Key Results from the Interim Evaluation of the Smarter Travel Areas Programme, Catherine Swift, AECOM PAPER

Results of Smarter Travel Investment in the University of Limerick, Higgins Ross, University of Limerick PAPER

Flexible & accessible integration – the experience of Clare Accessible Transport/Clare Bus, Graham Lightfoot, Clare Accessible Transport PAPER

Parallel Session D:Road Safety

Weather Conditions and Road Accidents in Ireland, William Brazil, Trinity College Dublin PAPER

Analysis of traffic crashes in Oman, Ahlam Al Anbouri, Dublin Institute of Technology PAPER

A Framework for Spatial Road Safety Assessment: Case Study of Northern Ireland, Aimee Farrell & Salissou Moutari, QUB PAPER

Parallel Session E: Land Use & Transport Planning

Exploring determinants of mode choice for non-work travel in the Greater Dublin Region, Sheila Convery, University College Dublin PAPER

Exploring the influence of housing characteristics and socio-demographics on subjective night-time disturbance from transportation noise, Owen Douglas, UCD PAPER

Car Shedding in Dublin, Paraic Carroll, TCD PAPER

Attitudes of Councillors and Engineers to Speed Limits in Built-Up Areas, Catherine Swift, Graduate, University of West England PAPER

Parallel Session F: Transport & Energy

Feasibility of Untilising Compressed Natural Gas as part of a Systematic Approach to Establishing the Necessary Groundwork for a Hydrogen Based Economy, James Brunton, DIT PAPER

A hydrogen fueling infrastructure for Ireland, Declan Allen, Dublin Institute of Technology PAPER

Energy Management of Photovoltaic Charging Station (PV-CS) for Green University Campus Transportation, Ayda Esfandyari, DIT PAPER

Session G: Transport Investment

Emerging issues and practice in urban passenger transport in Indian cities, Brendan Finn, ETTS Ltd. PAPER

Addressing the Rural Accessibility Problem in Wales, Owen Clark, University of South Wales PAPER

The Political Economy of Funding Transport Infrastructure in Ireland: Berlin or Boston? Joseph Hiney, Misneach Consulting PAPER

The Economic Benefits of Sustainable Transport Actions, Eileen O'Connell, Interactions Ltd PAPER

Session H: Smarter Cities

Using smarter technologies to improve the transport planning process in Galway City, Billy Delaney, NUI Galway PAPER

Seeing the Hazard: the use of eye-tracking to assess cyclists’ ability to identify hazards. William Brazil, TCD PAPER

The Feasibility of Introducing a New High Occupancy Tolling Strategy on the M50, Cameron McBain, Trinity College Dublin PAPER

Session I: Logistics & Operations

Development of a global freight transport demand tool, Eamonn Mulholland, Energy Policy and Modelling Group, UCC PAPER

A typology of multidirectional and multifaceted service led strategies of UK ports and intermediaries, Nikolaos Valantasis Kanellos, DIT PAPER

Cost efficient and timely responses to individual disaster within the context of the Disaster Management Cycle, Sheila Fogarty, DIT PAPER