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ITRN 2014 Proceedings

Session One: Public Transport

Stillorgan QBC Dwell Time Analysis - David O'Connor & Philip Kavanagh - DIT

The seamless public transport journey: instrumental and affective - Iqbal Hamiduddin & Robin Hickman - University College London*

Stillorgan QBC Walking Catchment and Level of Service Analysis - David O'Connor & Philip Kavanagh - DIT

Session One: Smarter Travel

Achieving peak travel demand reduction through a Travel Behaviour programme: Singapore example- Sarah Moraillon & Elaine Brick - AECOM

Designing for sustainable transport on campuses: a study of the effects of infrastructural improvements on travel patterns at NUI Galway and other institutions - Eoghan Clifford, Michael Fleming & Richard Manton – NUIG

Demonstrating Localised Workplace Travel Planning in Limerick City - Kay Cullinane & Tom Cosgrove - UL

Using Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modelling to assess the influence of urban form on travel behavior - Urbi Banerjee, Julian Hine and Lisa Davison - UU

Session Two: Road Safety

The Use of Event Data Recorder (EDR) Technology for Forensic Road Traffic Accident Analysis - James Long - DIT

Pattern recognition approach for road collision hotspots identification - Bronagh Coll, Salissou Moutari & Adele  Marshall - QUB

Session Two: Planning

The green fields of Ireland: The legacy of Dublin's housing boom and the impact on commuting - Brian Caulfield & Aoife Ahern - TCD/UCD

Non-work travel behaviour in the Greater Dublin Region:  accessibility for non-work activities - Sheila Convery & Brendan Williams - UCD

When the Oil Runs Out: A sustainable Transport Solution for Ireland - Alex Lake - DIT

Session Three: Cycling

Increasing the Participation in Cycling - Case Study of the Grand Canal Premium Route - Eoin O'Mahony, Joe Seymour & Matthew Richardson - AECOM/TCD

Estimating the health economic benefits of cycling - Gerard Deenihan & Brian Caulfield - TCD

A Naturalistic and Physically Informed Cyclist Study - Peter Murphy & Ross Higgins - UL

Northside Partnership “Healthy Communities” Area Cycle Audit - David O'Connor & Matthias Borsheid, Odran Reid - DIT*

Session Three: Evaluation

Design-Driven Innovation: Sustainable Transport Opportunities for the Inland Waterways of Ireland - Peter Murphy & Sean McCartan - UL

Policy performance and Irish ports - Joseph Hiney - Dublin City University

Session Four: Planning

Transport Inequity & Disadvantage in Celtic Tiger Dublin - Preliminary Results- Sarah Rock and Aoife Ahern - UCD

Does it pay to work from home? Examining the factors influencing working from home in the Greater Dublin Area - Brian Caulfield - TCD

Attitudes to University Choice and the Influence upon Infrequent and Routine Mobility - Lisa Davison, Aoife Ahern & Julian Hine - UU/UCD

Northside Partnership “Healthy Communities” Area Public Transport and Level of Service Analysis - David O'Connor & Matthias Borsheid, Odran Reid - DIT*

Session Four: Evaluation


Event Data Recorder as a forensic tool - David Connolly - DIT

Session Five: Energy and Environment

Electric Bike Photovoltaic Charging Station (PV_CS) Electrical Fault Investigations - Ayda Esfandyari & Kevin O'Farrell - DIT*

Energy Estimation in Eco- and Safe Driving - Peter Murphy – UL*

A Wind Driven Vessel for Inland Waterway Use - Peter Murphy – UL*

Session Five: Smarter Travel

Transit-oriented mixed communities: lessons and experiences from international case studies in Germany and Spain - Marco Adelfio and Iqbal Hamiduddin - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Autonomous University of Madrid)

Transport, Climate Change and Governmentality - Robin Hickman – University College London*

Developing a Bicycle Culture at the University of Limerick - Ross Higgins & Sean Collins - UL

* Papers not available